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That Arch!

In 1924, the world was simpler.  The world was slower. There were fewer choices. Nothing makes that more evident than the presence of old highways usurped by new ones.
Living in the southeastern corner of the Bootheel makes this particularly evident.  Drive 20 minutes on Hwy 155 and you cross into Tennessee.  Drive straight south on I-55 and you cross an invisible line out of Missouri and into Arkansas.  A sign saying "Welcome to Arkansas" in your only clue that you have changed states.
Unlike many state line crossings, there is no monument or arch across the highway to mark this transition.  However, on Old Highway 61, once the only major route between Memphis, TN and St. Louise, MO, you will find just such an arch.
July 31st was a road trip day for Jane, Brenda, and me.  It was the first time the three of us had been together again since our trip to Hall, TN in the winter of 2014.  Jane wanted to introduce me to a little collection of shops, back then.  It was a true destinat…

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