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Let's Talk About Food

California feeds the country.  No one would argue that.  And having so much fresh produce available is an irresistible lure to aspiring chefs, chefs who have arrived, and foodies everywhere.  The variety of food styles in California is without a doubt one reason why a person might even stay there.  If you are looking for ethnic, organic, vegetarian, vegan, or fresh from the ocean fish, you won't have to travel far. For a dedicated Foodie, there is absolutely no place like California for originality and variety and potential for creating the next food trend.  And, the food is GOOD. Marry food creativity to beer, coffee, and wine crafting, as well as small presses of pure, unblended olive oils and you have the perfect accompaniment to the rich and varied foods of California. Aside from a few treasured friends, food is probably number one on my list of things I miss the most about California.

And did I forget to mention food trucks? What was once a Mexican food monopoly has spread in…

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