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There Are No Strangers

Have you ever felt like you were not a part of something; that the world surrounding you, whether neighborhood or larger community, was an unknown and you yourself an unknown?  Well, welcome to my world.  Growing up a Navy brat, we moved a lot and even though we settled in San Diego in 1961, the moving around years marked me as always feeling like an outsider.  Then as an adult moving around in California, that feeling continued.  When you come from a place but move around a lot within it, you find you have no history to bring to the table that anyone else might relate to.
Fortunately, my kids didn’t grow up that way.  They were surrounded by an uncle and grandparents and a stable school and church community.  There is a lot to be said for roots, for building history in a place, for leaving but always returning or, never leaving at all.  I didn’t understand the attractions of living in a small world until I moved here.  And by moving here, I discovered, at the tender age of pushing 70…

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