Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sky Watch, Haiku My Heart

I will look for you
under a marquee of clouds
Smoke stacks shouting "Catch".


  1. Clouds with cloud makers. You can think double over this but a nice photo it is for sure.

  2. Love the haiku. I have gotten into haiku writing this past year. It can be therapeutic, at least it has been for me.

  3. Oh what a haiku filled with delight and being safe ~ thanks,
    Happy Friday ~ ^_^

  4. Most celebratory words about smokestacks ever.

  5. I love the beautiful way you have captured the smoke!

  6. Thinking about you Anniegirl, and sending hugs to take on your journey. Your faith will carry you anywhere,.

    BTW I cant recall if I ever told you, but my niece that I asked you to pray for some time ago is
    c. free! xoxo


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