Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fate - Part 2

It took six weeks to prepare our house for sale.  It took ten weeks to sell it.  Each moment between the start and now has been excruciating.  I think I can safely say that I will never, ever sell a house again.  

It is a dream that the one big thing many of us buy, a home, is also the one thing that might reap us big dividends and allow us to better ourselves.  In reality, home ownership has been, at the least, exquisitely expensive over a long period of time.  

Don kept a list of all the money we spent on maintaining our home.  Over a period of 19 years, we spend $65,000.  We spent the money on the bones of the house.  It wasn't sexy but it made for a strong home.  Sadly, we had to sell at a much lower price than the house was valued at and we'll probably realize the down payment on our Missouri home and have just a little left over.  I'm guessing that unless one is very smart about money, no one gets rich on home ownership anymore. They may get comfortable, but not much beyond that.

I had to accept the reality that money was the very last thing this upcoming move was about. Things were not going as they should be going so the only thing to do was to accept what WAS happening and move on.   This quest to move was about chasing family, chasing a dream, and chasing the breadcrumbs of an idea first planted almost five years ago.  It was about prayer, surrender, and struggling to maintain perfect faith in God's Will.  I will admit, I failed. A lot.  But I did get there and on Divine Mercy Sunday, God showed us His Mercy and brought a buyer to us.

In the two weeks since then, I've been cocooned in a comforting hug of relief and good will and saying good-bye.  Then today hit and the emotional high we slammed into swept over us like a tsunami.  It started with roof inspections; moved on to pest inspections; and, arrived at an appraisal.  The roof needs repair. The house needs to be tented.  The appraisal hasn't arrived yet and I shudder to think of that result.  

Even though the repair price was steep (plus $4K), with a sharing of the load by the buyer and a surprising donation from another source, we managed to keep our repair liability to just under $2K.  I can't express the relief I felt.

Dinner was very quiet tonight.  Lately, Don and I, more and more, have been talking during our meal, catching up on our day and our progress on any number of projects. But tonight was a time of recovery from the shock of unexpected demands and requirements.  And now, at 10:12 p.m., I feel calmer. I can see an end to this long road. It only took me five hours to get here.

We leave California in 19 days.

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