Thursday, May 4, 2017

Haiku My Heart

Hawk on a wire
Right of place from post to post
A mouse!  Is it mine?

In the farmland of SE Missouri, on the Mississippi River, the meaning of flat can be best understood.  For as far as the eye can see, and more, the land is flat, not a roll or a knoll in sight.  

Miles of electrical lines and phone lines follow secondary county roads and rural routes.  And for miles and miles, each section of wire is occupied by a hawk.  Its territory is clearly marked.  I noticed this repeatedly 3 years ago when I was there for an extended stay.  

Now that I am moving there, in 18 shorts days, I wonder. Will I finally discover the secret of catching prey?  Are there invisible lines crossing the fields that define a territory as clearly as the posts lined up along the road?  

There is a mystery here I will have to take the time to find the answer for. If a mouse appears and runs for cover, will it cross over to another territory then to be picked up by another hawk?  Time and patience will give me an end to my story.

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