Friday, May 26, 2017

New Mexico hits and misses

Tonight I googled pizza places in Albuquerque. I clicked the first one listed and ordered. 45 minutes later, nothing.  I checked my phone and called the unknown number from area code 701.  It was the delivery guy. He had knocked 3 times. He heard a dog at the door but no answer from a human. Now he's on his way back.

There are five La Quintas in Albuquerque.  That's when we discoveted HE wasn't in New Mexico. HE was in North Dakota.  So, moral of the story - when you ask for a list of places near you, make sure the place you are calling is in the same city and state.   Crazy!!!


It's easy to miss great images when one is driving through wide open spaces. You are lulled into to idea that there is nothing to see. That is how I missed Cuervo, NM.  There it was, right there on the edge of I-40 just waiting for a picture through a car window. Alas. I looked up. There it was. And, then it was gone.  Google Cuervoz, NM to see what I missed.

Or, go to this excellent and disturbing blog post here.


  1. BUT...did you ever get your pizza? Ha ha!!

  2. Now that is funny! Glad you did get your pizza. We stopped in Albuquerque a week ago and had tea with a friend. Also stopped at a very nice antique shop and lavender farm.


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