Saturday, May 6, 2017

What to do?

One old succulent
Leggy, overgrown beauty
Rooting time for you

As moving to Missouri approaches with ever increasing swiftness, what goes and what stays behind is settled.  My succulents have been a point of distress.  I can't leave them behind but how will they travel.? Will they survive? Can I really take them all?

The last question is easy to answer. In a word, no.  But a few days ago I had an inspired idea and just like that, I had a home for them.  Gloria, at Cafe La Mo will take some of them.

I cannot imagine a happier ending. I love La Mo and I will be very happy to be leaving a little piece of myself behind to live on there long after I've left.


  1. How wonderful! this is a perfect solution. I hope they will be actually in the cafe, so everyone can enjoy them.

    1. Yes, they will be, Ginny. Gloria's daughter, Hillary, wants to add them around the water fountain. That warms my heart because Sebastian like to touch the water in the fountain.

  2. FROM A FRIEND - Yes! An excellent solution. You will feel their energy come to you from La Mo for years to come.

  3. Annie, wishing you all the best with your big move. What an adventure! I can't how imagine how much work and planning is involved in such a long-distance move. Very exciting, though!

  4. If anything can travel (via car) it is a succulent. They need little water or care. You should be fine travel-wise. Space-wise? That's a whole different story!

  5. What a nice thought
    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  6. I remember towing our car behind the moving truck from Kansas to Oregon. The car was full of our plants and mostly they survived. Good luck.


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