Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Road to Caruthersville

We left California on May 24 and except for the occasional FB post from my phone, there hasn’t been much heard from me.  But two days ago ATT U-Verse arrived and I started to catch up.  I knew it was only a matter of time before I would start carving out a writing space away from home. My first stop is The Roundhouse.  More about this place later; now it’s all about what has been going on for the last 20 days.
The Roundhouse in
Caruthersville, Missouri

Our travel to Missouri was blessedly uneventful.  We ran into weather on our last day though we mainly were able to outrun it.  We stayed for a few days in Blytheville Arkansas, about 30 minutes south of Caruthersville, MO, while we waited for furniture to arrive.  In the meanwhile, there were things to do in the house and we started that.  Quanah and Erin arrived from Indianapolis on Monday and the heavy lifting really got started.

Our first night in Blytheville, we were under a tornado watch.  According to the locals, “Welcome to the South”.  There was no tornado but there WAS a torrential rain that went on for hours and hours.
Heading into weather in
east of Oklahoma City

Oh, and the mother of all thunder strikes happened, seemingly, right outside our room door.  I screamed. It was like an explosion right on top of us.  I learned the next morning that the intensity was so unusual, everyone in the motel lobby and the attached restaurant jumped and then became very quiet and watchful for a moment.  It was that unusual.  

That first night was memorable for another reason.  At midnight I was wondering what the heck is going on outside in all that rain.  The smoke smells and hooting and hollering were relentless.  Adults.  Kids.  Laughter.  The talk was so loud, you could follow the conversations.  I finally gave up being patient at 1 a.m. and called the front desk.

Well, it seems there was to be a big family reunion the next day and this part of the family was responsible for preparing the meat.  So, of course, EVERYONE had to be out there while that meat was cooking in the bar-b-ques.  Sleep wasn’t on their mind.  I hope they had a good time the next day but, really people, haven’t you ever heard of Inside Voices at 1 a.m.?  

After that, it quieted down for about an hour.  Just about the time I’m dozing off, it started up again.  People were hooting and hollering and laughing again, as they started their trucks and cars and sped off.  To deliver the meat, maybe?  Anyway, if they returned, I never heard them.  By 2:30, another thunderclap, like the one from hours before, would not have awoken me.

Welcome to the South.


  1. I'm am so glad you are ll moved and settled in. This most stressful part is over now. Nothing but new and exciting adventures ahead!

  2. Wow! ~ You are in a big transition but guess you are settling in and moving on with exciting adventures ~ ^_^

    1. It has been enormous. Moving 4p years of marriage isn't easy. Selling the house wasn't easy. Resettling is a daily challenge and the culture shock and weather difference knocked me out. All in all though, we are very happy. No regrets at all.


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