Thursday, June 22, 2017

Windy Cindy

So. I have heard for years about the loss of electricity during big storms.  As a boy, growing up here, Don remembers that his folks always had a couple of kerosene lanterns for blackouts.  Don being a very organized emergency planner, had started prepping go-bags when we were in CA.  He had several, in fact.  Each bag contains a variety of supplies in the event of an emergency.

Tropical Storm Cindy hits the Gulf Coast tonight and we are on the northern edge of the path it is expected to take.  Thunder, lightning, and lots of rain are expected over the next 48 hours.  That means possible loss of electricity.  One of the go-bags was opened and lanterns were loaded with batteries and set out.  Let there be light!!


  1. Hope you don't get hit with Cindy. You have a wise husband that prepares. I have been thinking we need a "go bags" for earthquake preparedness.

    1. Absolutely do it. Can hurt and you can get many prepared and packed.

    2. You're a smart woman! (Or Don is a smart guy!) We've had loads of rain and wind of late -- being prepared for electricity is always a good idea!


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