Monday, July 10, 2017

Rolling Lightning

The rain and what it reveals to me wrote a new chapter last night.  I hadn't been asleep for very long, perhaps 90 minutes at most, when we both awoke.  It was around 12:20 a.m., I learned later.  But in the moment of wakefulness, I could only stare, puzzled, at the window on the wall on my side of the bed.  I wasn't even sure what I was looking at

Lights in varying levels of dark and bright glowed and rolled behind the blinds.  Blue, black, and yellow in all their possible combinations mesmerized me for a moment.  It was like a strobe light or a neon sign running out of gas, or more precisely, like the two of them happening at once putting on a light show outside my bedroom window.  The worst possibility was a gathering of emergency vehicles in front of our house.  

All was quiet except for the occasional distant, very distant, rumble of thunder.  Finally, the sound of a driving rain penetrated my sleep-soaked brain.  It was raining and what I was seeing was lightning - BIG, continuous, rolling lightning.  

As I made my way to the hallway, I could see Don's darker silhouette layered against the darkness of the house.  It appeared we had lost our electricity.  Now I really needed to know what time it was and I stumbled to my cell phone to turn it on and check the time. There it was: 12:20 a.m.

It was disturbing as I sat in the darkness.  Despite the light show, the darkness was heavy and oppressive. I'm beginning to recognize that this might actually have something to do with air pressure, a variation on storms as I experienced them in California.  It just didn't feel the same here. 

 In the light of day, the rain has passed.  Again.  The heat is rising but humidity isn't pressing its terrible weight yet.  My still waiting to be used garden pots have been flung about and debris from trees, both old and new, layer our yard.  A strong rake and heavy hauling to our curbside for pickup on Wednesday are in our immediate future.



    Now you know why I suggested to get your old lanterns working. You never know when you will need them. The light is a little eerie, but gives you a chance to see for a short time (hopefully) what they had to use every night. Also have Ameren Missouri emergency number in a handy spot. Be sure to use the phone that Amerilen has for your account. Loved reading your story, Jane.

  2. Crazy! Wild! Wonderful!! Thanks.

  3. It is quite an adventure moving to the mid-west. I remember the storms in Kansas when we lived there many years ago.

  4. Oh my gosh! I have never heard of rolling lightening. How scary it must be! Especially in the middle of the night in a new house. It really did a number on your house.

  5. I could feel the intensity of this storm all the way over here Annie... beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it with us. XO

  6. I simply felt I was there standing with you!


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