Sunday, July 16, 2017

This and That from My New World

My favorite view of the Caruthersville/Dyersburg Bridge.  

At the bottom of the Missouri side of the C/D Bridge.  Nice beach area I hope to visit one day soon.

Sunday Mass we met visiting retire priest Fr. Mitch Wilk, originally from Poland.  In his homily discussing humility, I picked up a great quote from Pope St. John Paul II - "It is always better to pray than to show power".

I was surprised today by more Surprise Lilies.

Unexpected blessings from friends.

I love my little writing corner. Tbe light is so comfortable.


  1. I adore the quote! And your lilies are girly girl pastel pretty. Seriously, a bridge? It looks like a roller coaster! I have nightmares about driving on things like this...and they never end well.

    1. me. I'm so fascinated by the river and the barge traffic that I hit the bridge with my camera running. Of course, I'm NOT driving. LOL And I really do love the scene as we come around a bend in the highway and there is appears, just beyond the trees.

      Back home, we were flat but surrounded to the east and west by rolling foothills that rose up to either the Sierra Nevadas to the east or the Coast Mountains to the west. The configuration creates a beautiful bowl with gentle curves rising up. Nevertheless, this particular scene is blocked in with grand treelines surrounding agricultural fields and creates a similar bowl-like feeling. So I am very much reminded of home.


  2. You look so happy in your writing corner ~ thanks for visiting my blog and commenting ~ ^_^

  3. I have nightmares about driving on things like this...and they never end well.



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