Friday, September 8, 2017

Haiku My Broken Heart

Morning light with Tanner
Friendship's sorrowful good-bye
Earthly embrace calls


  1. OH! I am so sorry, Annie!! Was it sudden?

    1. Yes. We did have a hint of it a month ago but we never expected it to hit so hard and fast.

  2. Oh Annie, so sorry for this loss of your Tanner. Sweet embraces enfold you all.

  3. Losses. They hurt. Badly. But may you find the comfort you need in the Eternal One.

  4. so beautiful, so sad, so terribly poignant. i had no idea he was ill. I know you did all you could to make his passing gentle and he will remain alive in your heart always.

  5. oh my dear friend,
    the loss of a beloved pet touches us deeply. to know such loyal companionship and complete unabashed acceptance is a gift that never leaves us. sending you hugs xo

  6. so sorry....our pets are true companion.


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