Monday, December 25, 2017

Hobbled but Happy

Six months here. First Christmas in our last home. Family coming in. Excitement. Preparations. Ready. Set. Oh, no!

On my best day I have to pay attention to my feet. My history of tripping, stumbling, and falling is legendary. My knees have paid the price and at least one California friend started keeping a list of my face plants.  My most recent encounter with a hard surface was in the hallway of old Sacred Heart School right here in town. That left me a bit addled and my left knee, again, used and abused. But I really hadn't seen anything debilitating for twenty years. That's when a fall resulted in a broken ankle.

While my most recent fall didn't result in as long a sustain injury and recovery as a broken ankle, it was equally painful and incapacitating.  It all started innocently enough, as such thing generally do. I stepped out on the back porch, turned to catch a door to keep it from slamming and that did the trick. My body went in one direction, my left knee went in the other.  Such a small thing, but what a big result. One trip to the ER later and I find my leg wrapped and strapped and me confined to a wheelchair for at least five days.  And now, on Christmas Eve, I sit here counting my blessings.

It is moments like this that forceful remind me of the importance of family and connections of friendship.  The help I've received during a time of year that is so busy as been invaluable. My pirate morphed into a pirate prince, my daughters and sons took up the slack on everything.  A friend pointed me in the direction of a wheelchair I could borrow and another drove to Dyersburg to pick up the leg immobilizer I needed to protect my knee for the next week.

Considering the unexpected pain and  inconvenience of it all, I had to laugh at myself. Only I would choose, no matter how involuntarily, Christmas time to learn more lessons about love of family and love of neighbors.

Wishing you all the best and the blessing of a very Happy New Year


  1. I am so sorry, Annie! But what a great blessing and affirmation came out of your accident! A Christmas gift of how very much you are loved by so many people!

    You need to write a book on the adventures and mishaps of Annie and the Pirate.

    Hi Anne, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!! Knees and all too. Stay warm, relax, and enjoy the holidays without the rush. Take the time as it only comes once a year for celebration, unless that is the way you are celebrating....a bit hard on the body, no?
    Hope you got everything you wanted from Santa. Will write again soon, but just hauled in from Cameron Park where I went for Christmas and found out one does not drive Hy 80 back to the Bay Area after the holiday. 5 mph on HY 80. I think I will be looking for the low way instead of the hi way. Have a great New Year. Love, Judy


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