Monday, January 29, 2018

The Music of My Life

Saturday night I enjoyed another evening of music at Little Pizza Heaven listening to The Jax. One part nostalgia and one part goofy humor, the Jax is a two man Jack-in-the-box of fun embodied by Mike Barlett and Kevin Winstead.

It was one of those nights when so many of the songs spoke to me of specific moments in my youth. The rock music of the 60s and 70s is my era, folk, not so much. And country? Never. Back home I had my pick of radio stations for this time period and the so called Vietnam Era music wailed. Tracks from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Mamas and the Papas, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were my playlist. Add to it the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Eric Burden and the Animals, Big Brother and the Holding Company (who didn't love Janice Joplin?) Pink Floyd, and the Moody Blues and my playlist was complete.

Fast forward to the 20teens, sitting in on Turlock's downtown music scene was not really satisfying.  Surrounded by millennials and hipsters just made me feel old and out of place which was really too bad.  It's not that we outgrow our desire for intimate contact with the music; it's that the music outgrow us.

My playlist reflected an era and a regional appeal that didn't include rockabilly with the likes of Elvis, Narvel Felts, or Jerry Lee Lewis. But unexpectedly, KCRV-am radio crept in and lodged into a corner of my heart.  Suddenly, old school county music, gospel, and sometimes the blues had my attention. I love listening to the news and the local calendar. I even learned a little something about frog hunting and squirrel hunting. So when I discovered the local casino was bringing in Narvel Felts, I was game to go. I would hear first hand why people loved old school rockabilly and country.   It wasn't until that night that I learned he was a bit of a local legend. Sweet!

So, now I've been to Little Pizza Heaven and enjoyed The Jax 3 times.  I even have a uniform, a t-shirt I always wear, the Jax original, a T-Rex that can't clap its hands.  Their music is right out of my playlist along with some pretty humorous stuff too.  And judging by the age range of the pizza loving audience, no one feels too young and out of place.  After all, classic rock and blues never go out of style


  1. Sounds like fun! How often do they play there? Do they play other places as well? Our play lists are pretty much the same. Also add The Moody blues and Bee Gees!

  2. Cool beans!! I can relate to your remarks about Turlock. The activities for young adults are really limited so live music is a big thing for them. By the way, Dora mentioned that a new bowling alley is going in. That will be a nice addition to the town

    1. Wow. 19 years we lived there and NOW they get a bowling alley. Glad for the community. It will be a big plus for them.

  3. Really nice write. My playlist is similar to yours, but I also became hooked on blues and......and......bluegrass!


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