Saturday, February 10, 2018

Looking for Sunlight

Days are long and gloomy in the Bootheel during the
winter.  There are a few things I could be doing but it won’t change the fact that in winter, the days are the shortest and feel the longest.

Hours and hours of being alone gets old fast.  I tried 

crocheting today but I did something wrong in the second 

row so I tore it all out.  Then I planned dinner and read 

awhile.  Thank God for books. But, I'm still restless.

Nikki, my hairdresser, was sick today and called to cancel 

my appointment.  I had been waiting for that appointment 

for 10 days. Disappointing but oh well . . . So, I grabbed my 

jacket and headed out the door.  

A good cup of coffee felt just right and I headed to the

Round House. They were closed for the afternoon.  Knox, 

Twister's, and Granddad’s Deli had all closed in the past 3 

months so the next stop was El Carreton.  Closed.  Last 

option – Daylight Donuts. Closed.  A hot cuppa was not in 

my immediate future.  So I went to Hayes. 

Have I ever mentioned that I hate their parking lot?  No 

one knows how to park in this town. I’ve never felt as 

unsafe as I do when I’m in the Hayes parking lot. The 

contents of my basket reflect my state of mind.  Apples, 

oranges, and a pre-made Caesar Salad are the upside. 

Then I spotted Heavenly Hash ice cream.  In the basket, it

went.  And the coffee was still on my mind so I bought a 

small carton of half and half.  Neither are good choices and 

again, oh well.  These luscious pleasures did brighten my 

mood, if not improve my waistline.

And finally, I’m in the check-out line.  A Snickers jumped 

into my cart all by its little old self.  I can still taste the party 

it set off in my mouth.  Now to get that much-desired cup of 



  1. Why are you alone so much, is Don working? What is he doing? And why is every place closing? A mysterious post.

  2. I'm wishing could send you sunshine to brighten your day! But it's just as dreary here! Thank goodness for your Snickers! Have a better day!


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