Friday, May 11, 2018

Haiku My Heart

Busyness afloat
Air smoothered in talc-like dust
Blue billed ducks feasting


  1. What is the dust from, is it really dry? Wish I could see those ducks. You paint a fascinating word picture.

  2. We had dust blowing across the Ohio River this week from Kentucky! I guess they were just wanting to share the wealth! Have a grand weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Wind blowing across the desert has caused similar air here.

  4. And still... those ducks go about their business... but for you, I hope being indoors helps!

  5. Hi everyone. The dust was from the grain product pouring into a barrage. It makes a lot of dust and some of the product settles on the river and makes a feast for the birds.

  6. Glad the birds could feast on what otherwise would be wasted!

  7. Nice haiku. Here in T&T we get the Sahara dust flying across the Atlantic


  8. i love haiku vignettes...
    tiny paintings of your immediate world.
    for us-a feast!


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